Make more money with TGP's and Freesites

Everyone knows the secret to making money with TGP's and Freesites is keeping your content fresh and eyecatching.

You need to keep the surfer interested in what your trying to sell him.
You do not want him to click on your pics and then click out of your site.


Use sponsors that offer original content

Surfers like original content like reality sites they work well.
The most important thing is to try and give the surfer something he hasn't been offered before.
Imagine how much content 100 sponsors could offer!

Okay so now your thinking what about all the different stats and pay checks every week?
Thats the good thing about 100 sponsors in 1 because most of the sponsors use the same stats and billing processor CCBill.
So you can keep track of all your sales and traffic stats from one website.


The Sponsors

The sponsors are proven to work with Tgp's and freesites and all offer:

  • Original content
  • Banners and tours that pull
  • Sites that keep the surfer re-billing
  • Making you more money
  • Works on most sites including sites like sexgetter, the hun and similar


You do not have to sign up with all the sponsors you can pick and choose what would work best for you.
Remember it's like a supermarket and a corner shop, supermarkets have alot to offer so they have alot of customers
so why be a cornershop? when you can be a supermarket!
Check out the sponsors here
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